Thursday, January 14, 2016

Push yourself.

So excited that I could do this workout today and that my back is making progress!!! It's amazing the perspective shift on workouts when you are injured. Very grateful for the process and the ability to move. Also grateful for the learning and perspective shift. Thanks CrossFit Linchpin for this one...

Resorted to the treadmill with the weather the past week...this was a good one! Trying to keep up 2x a week Endurance workout this year.

FULL CART! Tons of good proteins, veggies, frozen goods and more - 6 bags of groceries...$200 bucks!!! Love this place! (Just don't go on a Sunday between 11-4!)

My Aunt in Norway is the queen of homemade EVERYTHING. She works full time, has raised 2 kids and still finds the time to cook everything from scratch using the best ingredients. This was the prep for a chili relish that she jarred to use over the winter. It's a probiotic which is great for the body. A little teaser....plans in the works for a visit from her to host a cooking class as part of our G360 this Spring!

Quick, easy and very delicious meal the whole family enjoyed! Shrimp (bought precooked and just sauteed quickly with some taco seasoning in a pan to heat) with spicy corn salsa from TJ, Guac, Sour cream and a yummy tortilla topped with chopped cilantro. All measured out and in the MFP! 

Lagging a bit on my resolution, but still here to post! Day in the life theme continues...Monday I took a class at Soul cycle (my weekly guilty pleasure) with a new instructor, Erika. I am pretty picky about the instructors and who I want to spend 45 minutes on a bike with! The experience can be very challenging if you let it be and having the right tour guide that provides that opportunity is key.

Erika was off the bike (coaching from the floor vs riding the bike) due to an injury she was suffering from. To say the least it was 'challenging'. The combination of the class plan (hills/ sprints etc) with her cues and motivation was the best way. During the class at one point as I thought I might die, she took a second to encourage the new folks and tell them what a great job they were doing. At that moment my immediate reaction was, "how the hell aren't they dead if they are new?!" 

But then I realized something...(and not necessarily relevant to newbies because for them the smart move is to ease into the intensity at first), NOT EVERYONE PUSHES THEMSELVES.

You may be thinking, "No shit!" But to me it was so obvious in that moment how much opportunity and progress is left on the table because we don't try or don't push out of our comfort zone. 

We talk about this so much at CrossFit, but I wonder how often we practice it - both in the workout and outside of the gym. How often do you really go for it. How many times to you think, 'I can go faster', and actually do it. Maybe it happens, but does it happen often enough?

In keeping with the theme of 'opportunities vs boundaries', you truly need to break past that automatic response that 'it's good enough' that you have established for yourself. And we all have it, regardless of our ability level.

Taking this beyond the gym is simple. What about in your relationships? Truly pushing your comfort zone with changing your behavior or your usual reaction. What about with your personal goals? Falling off the wagon is almost guaranteed...that in itself is not the 'boundary'. The boundary is not getting back on. Falling off the wagon is the opportunity. 

I would argue that if you are 'successful' and not pushing up against any boundaries in your life, you are void of opportunity. In essence, that has become your new boundary and limit. To fail is necessary.

For me, I typically see the opportunities to push through in workouts and physical endeavors, that is not so much of a hurdle. The personal, behavior opportunities are the ones I need to start taking vs shying away from. 

Wake up each day knowing you will be presented with that chance to push yourself. See if you can identify it. Here's the real might just mean backing off a little though and giving yourself a break.

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