Thursday, October 22, 2015

Herniated what?

Great little snack of Fage Greek yogurt, Cascadian farms organic cinnamon toast cereal and sprinkle of cinnamon

Shared this Jaime Oliver recipe with Tom and Rita. I love fall cooking and have been making it a priority to change things up and take the extra time to cook good stuff! Griggstown Farms sells great whole chickens at our Farmer's market on Sundays!

 Favorite delicacy lately: whole grain bakery fresh toast with avocado spread on top and a sprinkle of truffle salt...all topped with an egg or two cooked over easy 

The Piece-de-resistance - Donuts from Montclair Bread Company for a dessert treat...didn't stand a chance with the Level 1 staff..

I have been struggling with back issues for the past few weeks again. As per my previous post, I had suffered and endured quite a bit of back issues last fall when I traveled to Norway to work a Level 1 seminar and visit family. At the time I sought aggressive Chiropractic care and 'recovered'. However, as I've fully admitted, when the pain was gone, so was my upkeep of treatments and I concluded I didn't have the 'time' to make for them.

I finally got an MRI this week after battling the pain and on/off issues for the past 2 weeks to include not being able to stand, sit or walk. The verdict: herniated L5 and S1 discs. what?

The grand plan of Bill returning home, working out together, sharing 'normal' life etc. went up in flames pretty quickly. Aside from being mostly incapacitated and working out being a non consideration, my mood has been one of frustration and sadness. Working out is my outlet, my joy, my sport.

Today my perspective got a wake up. Last weekend a number of our coaches and members participated in a fundrasier at the CrossFit Annex affiliate down the road in Chatham. It was in support of a specific type of muscular dystrophy that affects young boys called Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Today Mickey, CrossFit Annex owner and head coach, came by to give us tshirts and personally thank us. As we were speaking, he was explaining the details of the disease and how there is no cure to date and likely due to the specifics of each case, there likely won't be one in the near future. These young boys are in constant pain, can't stand, and their muscles essentially stiffen to such a degree that they can no longer function. Their lives end at a tragic young age due to cardiac arrest.

Immediate perspective.

No complaints moving forward. I look forward to getting healthy and I appreciate that I have the ability to enjoy health and have the benefit of healing daily. I am grateful for the support of my husband, kids, family and the community at our gym to help me through.

So blessed.

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  1. I relate to this so much. But just because other people have it worse than you does not revoke your right to feel, or invalidate your frustrations- especially when it comes to debilitating injury that makes it impossible for you to train the way you're used to. Take care of yourself emotionally, and physically.. best of luck in recovery!!

  2. Thank you! Good opportunity to work on patience and appreciation. :-)

  3. So sorry you have been experiencing such pain and discomfort but not surprised at all that you would find the best way to manage it. I definitely agree with Gabrielle though. Allow yourself to feel whatever emotion comes your way. I feel it is a necessity to finding your way past it. Of course, that is precisely what you did! Hoping the healing process is not a long one so you can get back to what you love to do. I will be sending positive energy and vibes your way!

  4. K... I totally understand how you feel. I've had the back surgery and thought I healed but I too this summer suffered from two herniated discs in my L4,5. Back pain is not fun and usually end up being a friend for life. But with a little time and patience, you will get better. It's all about moderation so while you mentally want to move forward and add more weight you just have to listen to your body, and thank God you're still able to move and enjoy other forms of exercise. Xo