Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Quitting CrossFit

Was introduced to "David's Tea" this weekend. A-mazing! Brought home a few flavors to enjoy.

Also introduced to a new wine...no complaints there!

Chicago on a beautiful Sunday this past weekend

The quest for the perfect Manhattan on a Sunday with friends...is there anything better?

Flight out to Chicago Thursday night - was in desperate need of food and this little bag of Southwest honey peanuts fit perfectly into the Macros #noexcuses

Olivia figured out how to work the timer on her phone and took this...talented girl - love it.

How do people quit CrossFit? 

It's strange to me to have the ability to walk away completely from something that is part of you. Running, Soulcycle, Yoga, CrossFit...they all have identity to them. Abandoning them and never looking back makes me wonder if someone was integrated and 'got it' in the first place.

Yoga is a great example of that for me. There was a time in my life where I practiced (Ashtanga series) 4x a week. Clearly that's not my everyday culture anymore, but Yoga still is. I still connect to my 1x a week practice and can't imagine abandoning it - it would be like cutting out part of my identity. CrossFit is arguably more of an identity because you become a community. Being anonymous doesn't exist within the walls of a CrossFit gym. People are there to support you as well as call you on your shit. To walk away from that...it's a loss in so many ways.

My perspective is that each of us should have a handful of 'non-negotiables'. Things that are simply embedded in the fiber of who we are. Rattling off that list should not take much thought. If CrossFit or yoga etc is on that list and you have 'quit' it, perhaps it's something to revisit and get back to. Nutrition is no different. Eating healthy and having awareness of what goes into your body is a religion and an identity. Having respect for yourself and your physical state is a defining characteristic. This weekend we visited friends/ fellow affiliate owners in Chicago and although we dabbled in more drinks and a more lenient macro adherence, it was not a complete abandonment from self respect. However, the focus on health, discipline and self control is not something you can simply turn off. 

Of course as with all things, there is a caveat to this: balance. I am not suggesting you should be a walking calculator/ WOD log book and you never take off your nano's and knee sleeves. Nor do I think it's healthy to not have the ability to talk about any other topic beyond CrossFit or the Macros. But the culture and the integrity of those areas should and will bleed into how you approach non-related areas of your life. THAT is the beauty of CrossFit and why quitting it is just too close to simply quitting on yourself.

Have you quit on yourself? 

Today can be a day you can look back on in a year from now and say, "that was the day I came back".

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