Monday, August 3, 2015

Where to begin?

Plane ride home from CF Games - desperate for protein - these edamame snacks had a ton of pea protein surprisingly!

Saw this in the airport as part of a display of a local artist's work. 

I literally lived on Quest Bars while working the Games. Sometimes really really old Quest bars like this one that I had to peel from being one with the wrapper....

Visited this bakery to get The Dave Castro's birthday smelled like butter and sugar and everything looked amazing. Cake was delicious!

My friend, Sharon, sent this pic after her trip to the Farmer's market in Morristown - they have amazing produce and lots more for amazingly reasonable prices. And, it's literally IN the parking lot of our gym!

Last night made this chopped salad that was beautiful. I haven't been eating as many salads these days but this one hit the spot: chopped two kinds of lettuce, reduced fat goat cheese, green figs, beets, roasted corn, homemade balsamic dressing.

Last but not least. I love this.

I am back from my blogging hiatus! While at the Games I was discussing blogs with someone and they said "who even blogs anymore?" Well, I do!. As I've posted before, this blog is cathartic to write, but I also feel like there is value for others in reading everything from recipes, tips, experiences, challenges and general thoughts in the journey of 'dieting' and life in general. So, "I blog!"

The CrossFit Games were my first experience since starting the Macros where I really struggled for a consistent stretch. On vacation, while my quality was lower, I was still in a home and in control of measuring, calculating, planning timing etc. Working the Games there is no control over any of those things. We lived in a hotel room, ate when we had a free 2 minutes, tried to eat a meal at the very start of the day (530am) or the very end of the day (1030pm), and hoped for something in between. I didn't workout for 4 days straight and sleep was minimal.  BUT! I loved working hard and am so grateful to be part of the team that gets to do so. 

I did my best and likely was over +/- 10-20g of carbs or fat on many of the days. After the awards ceremony on Sunday night Bill and I got to go have a nice dinner and catch up since we had very little face time all week. Although I did not treat it as a free for all, I was not sitting at the table with the app out nor making decisions on what to order based on numbers. I let it go for the night to close out a crazy week. Monday morning we started our journey back and were on track with Macros. 

This week has been an extremely stressful one, however, for the first time that stress has not been exponential due to my eating issues. In the past when there is conflict or high stress in my life, my need for perfection in my diet becomes a focus and only adds to my situation. I can honestly say that the Macros have been a solution to this pitfall. 

Knowing I don't have to be perfect or have 100% willpower or resist anything in the 'bad' list has been liberating. The limits on the deviations from quality are the numbers. Clearly I can't fall off a cliff and eat 10 donuts because it simply doesn't fit the numbers. However, I can have half a bagel or some frozen yogurt or a sandwich and be fine. 

The notion that this can be a free for all is simply wrong. Yesterday I only had 'room' for half a cupcake despite wanting 3 whole ones! The moral of the story in Macros and life is: You can't have it all. 

This week I was right on track +/- 5 at the most and I feel like I am still making progress even beyond where I was when I left. However, I do think there is something to be said about still recording at the Games and still trying. Despite being over on most days, I was still aware. To throw out the app and continue to start/ stop is not the solution. Continue recording and continue consistency as much as you can.

I have received several emails from friends who have shared their success to date - it's great to see that break through. It's also great to help and support people who have been struggling for a long time and are now finally finding a solution. 

So...I'm back to blogging and back on track!

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