Thursday, August 13, 2015

What now?

The Guerrilla 60 challenge is coming again! As summer is winding down start thinking about what you want in terms of performance, body composition. Commit and you may just surprise yourself....

One of the things I appreciate about the Macros/ Flexible dieting approach is that it truly is a lifestyle shift. Although the G60 is 60-days of support and tracking to get you on track, it is something that should continue without a feeling of 'when is this going to end?!'

People who CrossFit are especially set up for success with this concept since with CrossFit there is never an 'end'. There is always tweaking, improving, setting new goals. You fall into a schedule and regardless of whether you 'feel like' working out that day, it's part of your life, and you just do it.

For me personally, I have definitely had days where I have less than zero motivation to do a workout or even to step foot in the gym. In the same way, over the past few months doing the macro experiment, I have had days where I don't want to meet numbers, count or give a shit!

While every now and then we need to respect this resistance - maybe go for a walk outside instead of workout or take a complete rest day - maybe record the food but accept that you will go over with a glass of wine or some 'unnecessary' treat. But to feel good, make progress and meet goals, this has to be occasional, not regular.

For me, I've reached my goal of finding balance and enjoyment in my food as well as hitting my body composition that I'm comfortable with. For me the journey continues with starting to add some food back with "Reverse dieting". The notion there is to add back in food while maintaining body comp. There is a ton of research and reading material on reverse dieting if you start down the rabbit hole of the internet. It's especially interesting for people who have had eating disorders to work themselves back to a healthy intake of calories while not gaining weight.

I'm not sure what is most helpful at this point for folks interested in starting. I think it's crucial if you are thinking of giving it a try that you consider a few things:

  • Why not? What is there to lose in doing this for a week? In the least you'll gain some awareness on your food intake for general health and performance by recording food in MyFitnessPal. At the best you'll find a way to eat with balance and still achieve your goals.
  • It requires effort. I am continuing to run into folks dabbling in this who simply aren't giving it the effort it requires. At the end of the night when you have 10g of carbs left and you 'want' a donut...YOU CAN'T HAVE IT AND MEET YOUR NUMBERS. This seems to be a simple concept. This is not a free for all, you will need to plan, make choices and put effort forth to hit your numbers. It's not that hard, but nothing in life is free!
  • You will drive your friends and family crazy. Remember when you started CrossFit? How everyone who didn't CrossFit who you knew wanted to kill you because you wouldn't stop talking about it? prepared to be potentially worse with the Macros. Chatting about your success with folks who ask is great, but try not to turn every meal into a math experiment in front of friends...
  • Strike "Bad vs Good" out of your vernacular. Quality is still important, but just eating 'clean' with no regard to quantity is not enough to make changes in your body composition! Allowing yourself a balance of good quality and less great quality foods is something liberating in the process, but you need to accept it to make it all fit. If you are completely committed to Paleo/ no sugar, vegetarian, vegan - whatever! -  not a problem - you can still macro that approach and pay attention to 'how much?'
  • It works. If you do it, it will work. The closer you get to "0's" every day, the more success you will have. 
I got on a scale yesterday after many months and years of being at 130-135 lbs. The first success was that I wasn't anxious about the number because I've been comfortable with how I look. The second success was that I was at 125 lbs. Irrelevant number, but the point is I got to a place I had tried to starve myself to by enjoying food and still having balance. I am still tweaking and ensuring performance stays up and quality remains paramount. 

There is always a "what now?" - whether you are starting this journey or in the midst of it. Where you at?!


  1. On point as always and congrats on your successes. On Tuesday night I ate most of my food during the day and at night after dinner I still wanted to snack but I was at all zeros so I just started planning a good breakfast for the morning vs. going over by having a snack. I also planned a snack for after dinner the next night so I wouldn't run into that same problem and hit all zeros again. Of course, as you know, my "what now" is with regards to my Saturdays. One day of blowing out my numbers is not acceptable even if I am doing well during the week. I need to find my balance of being able to enjoy my Saturdays without throwing all caution to the wind and not feeling as though I am depriving myself. Thanks again for sharing - it helps more than you know.

  2. Hi Karen, great to see you commenting again :-) From what I've read on here, you're doing great. Consistent, sustained effort. Keep it up, and make sure you aren't beating yourself up too much for imperfection. Strive for excellence, not perfection. Hope to see you soon!!

    K, thanks as always for your posts. Glad for your success, but proud of your hard work. Success is just a by product of the work.