Monday, August 24, 2015


Protein pancake the other night to meet my numbers...topped with some butter and whipped cream. Yum

Do I have to eat all of the food???? YES, #forthemacros

My girl, LJ's before, 30-day and 60-day. Hard work pays off!!!!!

Not the best photo...but...1 Trader Joe's 95% lean hamburger patty + 1 oz Trader Joe's light brie + 1 over easy egg + 1 pepperidge farm hamburger bun + 1 TB organic ketchup. One of the best meals yet. Managed to make and eat it in 10 min before Olivia's football practice. Yes, football practice.

Transitions are possibly one of the hardest things life throws at us. 

Whether I'm looking at my 10-year old son who is getting ready to go to middle school this year or talking to someone who is working their way through the initial stages of the Macros, the transition time is tough.

Why is it that we can't just understand that we will settle in and therefore just accept our current state? But the reality is that we need to go through that process to 'earn' the right to stabilize. We are humans, and we don't have the ability to simply flip a switch and move on.

Unfortunately, I don't think anyone ever gets 'good' or becomes a 'pro' at transitions...each state is unique due to it's circumstances. Our family is embarking on the biggest transition I've experienced to date - Bill coming home for good. But it's a process and simply having a date on the calendar for his return or establishing all of the knowns, that won't make it easier. The transition time will still need to run its' course.

So, is food and nutrition really something that bears that same weight? Possibly. For many food has been controlling their lives, for good or for worse. To transition into something like the Macros or any new relationship with how you eat, it's huge. You need time. 

The challenge is that we are impatient. We want to be perfect, like yesterday. We don't want to allow ourselves any leeway or cushion. We want to go from black to white. Immediately. However, the problem is when we force that and go struggle against a process that has to happen, it makes it more challenging for us. Surrender to the transition. Give it time. Acclimate. 

This is a good awareness to have on a constant basis in life - on a weekly basis we can all stand to ask ourselves if there is a transition we are undergoing at that time. It might not be the biggest factor in our lives, but it can still cause enough of a ripple that it is unsettling. So identify it, surrender a little to that fight, and let it run it's course. Then move on. 

Here's to change and to being more gentle with the transition to get there.

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