Monday, August 10, 2015

Taking inventory

I need to read this daily

1 tortilla heated in a pan with cooking spray + 1 egg and 1 egg white + 1 oz reduced fat goat cheese - sooo good.

This mug is great. No need to say more...

As is this one....

Olivia has had a weekend celebration for her 8th birthday! Friday trip to the city, Sunday family celebration and today is her actual day...

I've been giving a lot of thought to this blog, the Macros and friends/ clients who are doing the experiment these days. I've thought about my own personal struggles with food and also with the things others get hung up on when attempting to follow this way of eating.

I will start with my own - it's nothing new - it's the 'what's next' syndrome. I've had tremendous success on Macros and feel most comfortable with my body composition than in a long time. I've figured out how to manage my intake and find a balance. Getting close to zero isn't a challenge anymore nor a mystery.

For me it's wanting more and better all the time. If this is great, then there's something 'greater'. It's a problem. Feeling like things always need to be better, closer to perfect. It's a self fulfilling nightmare. I love that quote about perfection from Steinbeck because it reminds me that perfection gets in the way of 'goodness'. The quest for something unattainable and subjective like that interferes with truly enjoying life and appreciating all that is good around you.

So for me, relative to Macros, the question is, "Do I need to tweak something?" I texted Jason the other night asking this and I'm pretty sure he thought I was crazy. And the answer, if I want 'more' (or less I guess!) is to cut back on carbs and/or fat. What else did I expect?! But reading that I had some awareness:

1. I can't cut back more and still keep my performance and energy at a healthy level. Nor can I stay sane with less

2. There's other areas to improve on (QUALITY) before I go short cutting it with less intake. I have been riding that line and pushing the boundaries with quality because I can, and it's time to come back to better choices if I want to see better results. 

That last realization about quality is a big one. Everyone 'wants it all'. Everyone, whether we admit it or not, want the 'magic pill'. For me, the last few months of Macros has been really great in realizing that there is nothing off the list and I can enjoy foods without guilt while still remaining happy with my body composition. However, at a certain point we have to admit that it's not a free for all. 

I realized last night that almost every day I've been having a drink and a 'treat'. Although I have never been someone that does well with 'burning it down' once a week with a big cheat, having sugar and processed foods every day isn't ideal either. So for me, I have to reign it in for health and quality. 

Awareness and holding yourself accountable is important in everything in life, not just Macros. So for me, I need to be honest with myself and remember what is important to me and what aligns with my beliefs, not just what is easy or what shortcuts get you to the same place.

Now for some recognition of others' struggles...What boggles my mind is that people struggle to find 'options' on macros. It's not that there aren't enough's that you HAVE TO PLAN. I was thinking about the planning piece and a great way to think about it is that most days you should really have a good sense of what you are eating in advance. Most of us have the same breakfast/ lunch options during the week. Weekend and meals that you eat out are the ones that you need to work around. 

I also realize that the challenge of being perfect is not only my challenge. Every day isn't going to be zeros! You are going to have days where you go way over - BUT it's probably still much better than it would have been otherwise. Or better than having that day EVERY day. Keep in mind that the progress you have made in a few weeks won't and can't be undone in 1 day of eating. 

My last thought for the day is how the macros have brought awareness to how invested we get in food as a connection to celebrating, stress, or just trying to help us be in a better mood. Solving our shitty day with a drink or a certainly has made me think twice. The past month has been one of the most stressful in my life, and I'm grateful for the fact that I've been forced to stay accountable with the Macros. Onward and upward.

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