Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Be your own person

Great salad! Watermelon, tomatoes, fresh mozzerella, fresh basil and mint with some balsamic vinegar sprinkled over it all right before serving.

This was a great way to use up these little "teeny weeny" potatoes that were leftovers. 4 egg whites with 1 oz of truffle brie cooked in over these reheated gems

This recipe looks AWESOME! I love the coconut thai influence with the meaty halibut poached in it

I remember learning about "peer pressure" throughout most of middle school and having it be the constant threat in high school and beyond. I distinctly remember my Mom asking me, "If your friends jumped off the George Washington bridge, would you jump too?"

We think that this is something we grow out of and only a fear throughout our youth. Boy are we wrong. Perhaps it's not so much direct pressure and probing from others in our lives so much as it is our own lack of conviction to things.

Committing to anything in life - a way of eating, your needs, your morals and beliefs...it's easy for it to be swayed by others. Unfortunately, 'others' are sometimes friends and loved ones, not bullies or strangers. 

We talk about CrossFit being a metaphor: "Who you are in CrossFit is who you are in life". That notion is not lip service to me. In that same way we can apply that to anything we engage in, diet included. It is too easy to point fingers and find reasons for why the Macros or Paleo or whatever your goals align with, are not working. It could be because your kids have too many treats in the house that tempt you or your spouse likes to have a glass of wine with you at night. I know for me there are times where people tease me over the lack of participation in dessert or in my 'counting' of food. But at the end of the day, I lay my head down on the pillow and I am the only one who can make the right decisions for myself.

This may seem like an awfully heavy notion for food. But I promise you it's not. How you approach your health, your workouts, your commitment to family, business...you need to be your own person. Challenge yourself to have your convictions and stick by them. Challenges and questioning will always come, but you must do what's right for you. 

Be your own person. 

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