Sunday, July 5, 2015

What about weekends and holidays and birthdays and...?

Today for the first time in years I had 3/4 of a Cinnamon burst bagel (yes, 3/4...) It hit the spot and I didn't feel like burying my face in the rest of the bag, but truly enjoyed that single bagel and adjusted accordingly for the rest of day.

Strawberry fields went down 3 or 4x last week...this trip was with Meag, Tom and Bill. Mine was the one in the front, 6 oz that was perfect amount and made me very happy!

Tonight this is what I'm left with after today. Solution looks like a piece of Ezekial bread with an egg white on top and a scoop of progenex on the side. 

This weekend was a holiday weekend. The 4th of July is synonymous with BBQs, drinks and hanging with friends. While I have never used the excuse of holidays to 'burn it down', I have been more lax on those days in the past whether that be by quantity and/ or quality...and often both.

This weekend was an interesting experiment having that allowance of less quality but still hitting the numbers with the macros. Friday night we had dinner at a great restaurant with friends and enjoyed a glass of champagne and wine. Stayed right on target and had looked up what I was going to eat there earlier in the day so I could plan. Obviously not as accurate as if I was making food at home, but that is part of the deal with going out and part of being able to have the flexibility of this plan. Yesterday and today were both fairly dialed in but not exact. So...what about these weekends and holidays and birthdays and celebrations and...the list goes on - do you throw in the towel on these days? No!

The point of the "flexible" piece is just that. But I would also argue that it's an opportunity to understand that there is always a 'special event'. And if you are looking for an excuse to eat whatever and as much of it as you want...the excuses are there for the taking. In anything you do in life, if you are looking for a back door and a way out, you will find it. 

My answer to the 4th of July and pretty much any weekend or deviation from a 100% homemade and 'normal' days' meal is to get the 90% solution. I found that I slacked on the quality more this weekend while still trying to hit the numbers. I also might have left a macro or two on the table vs going over in the app. I also may have gone over on one macro and not let it bother me. 

One day, one weekend with some deviation and not doing 'as well' as you may during the other 5 days of the week - it is still better than having zero awareness and throwing in the towel. Still maintaining some accountability for myself was great.

Don't look for an excuse, look for a solution. Enjoy a birthday, a weekend and a holiday, but it doesn't need to mean abandoning any sort of awareness. Happy Monday!

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