Saturday, July 18, 2015

Hit my numbers + Enjoyed vacation = Success!

One of the best americanos I've had in a long time - so creamy I didn't need to add half and half!

Still my saving grace

This was an inside out Boston Cream donut that was so warm that the chocolate was melting...donuts are a staple on the island!

Well, 3 bottles in the books. Was a good run!

And...more donuts...oh and a crumb cake. I did not order my own, my compromise was "taste testing" everyone else's. Amounted to about a 1/4 of a donut, good compromise.

Last night we bought tuna steaks and enjoyed a dinner at home before heading out again today. The ability to measure your food and meet all of your needs in a healthy way is all the more reason to eat home...not to mention being AT HOME!

Today we headed home from our 1 week at LBI. Somehow it's special being on the island for a week straight. Waking up to donuts, playing rounds of mini golf at various courses, hitting the beach, sitting out on the deck as the sun sets listening to the waves. It was also filled with some great impromptu workouts and a lot of playing in the waves and beachside.

In years past I have really struggled with vacation. I always felt stressed and "guilty" over the change in food quality. I would either restrict myself from enjoying cocktails and treats OR I would throw in the towel and over indulge to the point of feeling depressed. Balance and enjoyment didn't exist.

I realize that my food issues are more extreme than most "normal people's", however I would be willing to bet that most folks struggle to strike the balance on vacation to some degree.

Returning home as lean as when I left but also feeling like I enjoyed the benefits of vacation food and drink was a win.

It did lead me to thinking about the bigger picture of the Macro approach and some of my recent experiences with people im working with.

Here's the deal: ITS NOT A FREE FOR ALL!!! It should seem self evident, but any "diet" outside of the "see-food-desire-it-eat-it-all-diet" requires some discipline and self control.

I would argue that everyone should try a few days of recording their food. If for no other reason but for personal accountability and awareness. 

If you choose to pursue the macro approach, then you should be recording EVERY day. Yes, that includes weekends and holidays. Why? Well, it's not as a punishment, but rather, if you are recording, sure you will likely go over on these days, however, you will have some awareness of how far you are choosing to go over.

To simply not count those days is not the answer. I do think the notion of a "cheat day" or weekends off is a back door that we use often when it's unnecessary. My vacation being a perfect example - I didn't need that back door of " you deserve to eat whatever bc you are on vacation". I made a decision to go over one day. But it was conscious - I thought "yup, going to enjoy more pretzels and fudge!" 

One of the big reasons the Macros works is that it creates balance and reboots your metabolism by way of that CONSISTENT balance. Going way overboard every week on a Saturday is not going to let that balance settle in.

Take 5 minutes to make a plan. Where am I going, what do i really want to enjoy, what is going to be available?

Then, PLUG IT IN and work backwards! Use the app for all of its benefits! Every day on vacation I plugged in my treats and my cocktails. From there I worked backwards to see what I had "left". Took about 5 minutes of figuring. In the end, it was well worth it to come home and feel like I hadn't lost ground.

I understand there are people rolling their eyes at the macros. The notion I've addressed before on the blog, that it's "too obsessive" etc. Yet, I would argue it's a healthier approach to life in general to find balance and to exhibit some self control and discipline while going to bed content every night versus not.

So...for those of you still with me....try to get those numbers even this week - regardless of if its a birthday party with cake or a vacation you are headed on...

You can do it 😊

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