Monday, July 6, 2015


Love this quote. Awareness...seems to be an endangered trait these days. Thankful for my safety net. It reminds me that doing the right thing, although not always easy, is still the right thing.

My girl Karen!!!! So proud of her for coming back from vacation, day one home and hits this! Great work - she's determined!!!

Received these amazing chocolate covered strawberries from our buddy Ben as a thank you for hosting him this weekend for the L2. Turns out Edible arrangements are in the App!

I learned one of the best secrets in life and business from Greg Glassman. I've been to more of Greg's presentations than I can count where Greg executes this simple exercise for the crowd. He draws on a blank whiteboard a dollar sign. Then opposite that he writes one word: "excellence". He then proceeds to describe that when you shoot for the money, you will always fail and fall short. However, when you shoot for excellence you will succeed. Then comes the bonus: money chases excellence.


What's fascinating about this is that while it certainly is most appropriate for business and work related endeavors, it applies to everything you do. Chase excellence and you will have success. Be honest, have character and integrity and DO THE RIGHT THING, and you will be fine. You can line up any decision and go through this exercise - chase the excellence and you can't go wrong. You will sleep at night knowing that you chose the 'right thing'.

As far as food goes, one might think this is a stretch. However, it's not. Choose excellence for yourself too. Treat yourself right and choose quality for your body and it will serve you. Don't choose the cheap or fast or easy route. With that approach you will always fall short.

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