Monday, July 13, 2015

Enjoy the view

Yesterday I enjoyed an omelette and 2 pancakes at Uncle Will's - first time pancakes in disappointment!

#truth - great reminder.

Yesterday was my first day of 'burning it down' on Macros where I ventured beyond one deviation in my quality. I started the morning with an egg white omelette and 2 buttermilk pancakes at Uncle Will's, our traditional breakfast spot in LBI. Then we enjoyed a few "painkiller" drinks at the beach throughout the day. The rest of my 'food' was lean meats (lunch meat and Turkey London broil) and a salad of fresh mozzerella/ basil/ tomatoes. A few bites of Markus warm Donut/ ice cream sundae (yes, donut + ice cream...) and then had half a hershey's bar to satisfy my sweet tooth. Although I didn't come up "0's", I didn't go totally off the rails and stayed +/- 5 on each of the macros. 

Sometimes writing this blog feels more like my own therapy than it seems I'm helping others - and today is a great example of that. I had just written yesterday about 'guilt' and giving ourselves slack and today I find myself needing to take a dose of my own medicine. The quote above was exactly what I needed to remember and keep in perspective as I continue on our 1-week of vacation.

There is an extension of this notion of becoming fixated and defined by numbers, is that we are also not 'degrees' of leanness. The people in our lives don't love us more or less if they can see 1 set of abs or 4. I would even venture to say they don't even notice it more likely than not. What they do notice is the smiles and the enjoying in a donut or an ice cream. None of us look back on vacations and say, "remember when I resisted enjoying every treat and special food on that trip?" That 'control' is an illusion. 

Everything in our life is not a constant 'betterment'. We go through periods whether they be days, weeks and even years, where we take a few steps back. The idea is overall progress. It's the big journey and the distance traveled, not the individual steps. Don't get hung up on slipping or tripping a few times. You will get up when you are ready and continue on. The more important thing to consider is who you are showing up as along the way. Are you grumbling and always one step behind where you feel you should be? Or are you taking the time to sit down and enjoy the view from where you are.

Use the macros or whatever your 'method' is to know you have the skills to get back up and keep going and get back 'on pace'. Today is another day of travel, I will likely take a few steps but do a lot of enjoying the view...

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