Sunday, July 12, 2015

Crazy factor...

Back to blogging...had a few days hiatus but enjoying being able to sit with the computer and write at the beach
Our drink of choice for this beach season: "The Painkiller"...Rum, pineapple juice, Cream of coconut, OJ and a little nutmeg on top. A-mazing.

These two amazing munchkins post dinner at The Boathouse

Not having blogged in a while has my head spinning with topics to touch on. However, over the past few days and events I had been mulling around the notion of whether being so focused on food, what, when, how much, was an 'issue' and it's "Crazy Factor".

Recently at a party (with CrossFit folks) there was quite a bit of chatter about macros - logging - etc. I became hyper aware that this was the topic we were discussing at a social event and wondered if I had created a monster. 

Since then I have been giving some thought to my own relationship with food and this new approach to measuring and 'flexibility'. Yesterday heading to the beach I didn't hesitate or hem and haw over the fresh cinnamon raisin bagel that we had bought for the ride down. I had started with my usual Quest bar and then was starving en route to LBI. Previously I would have not eaten it or eaten it and had remorse/ guilt over it. But it felt great to eat a modest amount (half a cinnamon raisin bagel) and truly enjoy it and not think about it again.

I received an email this am from a friend doing the Macros who 'blew up' her numbers yesterday and felt that same sense of guilt. She has been eating clean and adhering to her numbers like a pro for over a week now and had a 'bad night'. My advice to her is to use maximize the 'flexibility piece' by incorporating some 'not perfect' foods into her diet more regularly so that she doesn't go crazy when exposed to them. Leaving that pendulum approach behind.

The Macros aren't a catch all and a perfect solution to everything. However, the idea is to have some flexibility. It's finding the line between not feeling guilty while also being responsible and accountable. As per previous posts, it's the awareness that is an important part of any process.

For me I know that I'm going to have 'food issues' either, I would rather have them while enjoying food and not having the guilt associated as well as the perk of feeling like my body comp benefits from it.

More to come on this, but it's a start to gain the awareness in tracking your food, regardless of how you are doing it. 

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