Thursday, June 4, 2015

When no one is looking

Had somewhat of a melt down today looking for food - I went way too long without eating and then was unable to think straight. I ended up at WF with about 4.5 oz of chicken curry salad and 4 oz brown rice. Saved the eggs and then never ate them. Definitely less desirable to NOT plan your day in advance. This meal was so not work the carbs and fat.

 And then  you end up with this. Which annoys me...yes, I am a complete nut job...!

Recently I took the kids to the movies and they each selected their treat of choice. Always popcorn for Markus while Olivia is a wildcard - it was snow caps for a while and now it's sour patch kids (which is great bc they are gross and I have zero interested in stealing any!). 

Markus LOVES food. He is a total foodie (for good quality food aaaaand also not so good quality - not too discerning). So, he finished his popcorn and proceeded to ask to 'try' the sour patch kids. Let me say that the word 'try' relative to food would mean that you have in fact never had said food. So I say 'no' and that the popcorn was it. Some time later I left to use the bathroom, upon returning I immediately recognized a guilty and somewhat panicked look on his face.

Me: "What's in your mouth" I blurt out.
Markus: "A sour patch kid."
Me: "Spit it out." 

And right into my hand it went, lovely. 

After the movie we had a discussion about 'what you do when no one is looking'. You should always do what you know is right even when no one is looking. And that my children, is called Integrity.

Now, I know it's a stretch to relate this to food or nutrition and potentially a dangerous connection to make. But the point and relative thing here is really who are you doing this for? Is it about sharing your numbers and calories and telling people you are eating clean or haven't cheated blah blah? Or is it just being true to yourself and doing what's 'right' for you regardless if anyone is looking.

I like to think that I have integrity and in fact, that's what our gym has been built on. I strive for that every day - whether it's in the movements and standards we teach or in the picking up the paper towels on the floor of the bathroom instead of leaving them for someone else to throw away. 

We are all guilty of the 'when no one is looking' moments. But ask yourself in this challenge or wherever you may be with your nutrition, why and who it's about. Make it about being true to yourself. Have integrity for your emotions and for your goals. Do it even when no one is looking.

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