Sunday, June 7, 2015

Try and try again

Tom Costigan does his meal prep for the week ahead on Sunday nights. Dedication and commitment...and's possible!

Look at these amazing mini avocados from Trader Joe's!

This weekend we had over 25 people show up between the two gyms to chat more about Nutrition. It was nothing short of impressive. While it's always great to see people take that first step and want to learn or start a challenge, it's awesome to see people still there 30 days later.

What was great about many of these folks who attended this 'half way point' meeting was that they weren't perfect - they weren't showing up because it had been so great and easy. They were showing up because while they may have fallen off here and there with initial goals they set out, they were still willing to try.

It is hard to continue to fight the fight - whether that's at CF, nutrition, or more importantly, life. But making that commitment to continue to move toward your goal, regardless of how many times you may have to stop to rest, or maybe take the wrong turn or even start moving backwards. To continue to TRY. That is far better than simply just not doing anything and giving up.

There is a certain amount of discipline that comes with that trying. CrossFit, running, yoga, biking, Zone, Paleo, Macros...they all require an amount of discipline. Practicing that discipline and that unwaivering ability to continue to try and try again...that will show up in your life in more ways than you can imagine. Training and flexing that muscle so that it is ready and available to use when you truly need it.

Great job to all - here's to another 30 days of trying.

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