Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Stones

New Quest bar flavor....can't wait to test it!!
Pre Rolling Stones tequila drinks
The peaches here - pretty amazing...delivered fresh on this truck!

So...the Rolling Stones are the band I grew up listening to. When they come around, it's not something that is optional. By whatever means neccessary I need to see them. Nostalgia.

Unfortunately they didn't consult me about the fact that ALL of their concert dates were on Wednesdays. And, as we all know...wednesdays are not a day to cheat...Saturday for sure and Friday doable..but Wednesday???

Not only is it the Stones but it's the Stones plus Bill. Oh and plus Nashville. This is one of those scenarios I have to realize that I may need to loosen my grip. Having a couple drinks and keeping on track with food and workouts is a good balance.

The big picture, that's where I need to look. To step back and see the progress that's been made for the past month. The awareness and the successes. 

It's not always about coloring inside the lines. Last night Bill was honest with me and we chatted about my constant need for comparison. 

He said something that seems simple but very profound....all we have is this moment. And to compare to what was or what will be is absurd. It's irrelevant and exhausting and has zero impact on the now. And guess what? We probably always remember things or ourselves as better, leaner, faster than we actually were. It becomes an exercise in self deprication.

So, next week when I come back down it will not be drinking every night. Tonight's drinks do not equate to throwing in the towel and a slippery slope into failure.

It just means enjoying the moment. It means reveling in life. 

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