Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The conversations in our heads

Dinner on the patio with the munchkins - Just missing Bill!

Close up of dinner - Pollo asada chicken, coconut rice and a avocado/ mango/ cilantro mix

Most of us have a conversation that goes on in our head: "I'm too (blank) to....". Maybe it's "I'm to old to ..." or "I'm to fat to ..." or "It's too late to...." Sometimes it's simply "I'll never change (blank) about myself". 

How many time does that conversation stop you dead in your tracks. When you start to pay attention to those conversations you realize how many of them there are and how often they pop up. The most common might just be: "I can't". 

You're not too old, it's not too late, you're not to big, you're not too small....you are everything and can be everything you want to be. But you have to start saying it to yourself. Go after what you want - If you aren't 'who' you want to be right now or acting 'how' you want to - change that conversation and be that person you DO want to be.

I know that these alternate versions of the conversations do not come easy. They feel forced and even fake. But just like any challenge, you have to keep at it. The first step is to catch what they are and recognize their frequency. Then start to gently offer up the alternatives. 

Figure out who and how you do want to be? If you could be more patient, more calm, more ambitious, more adventurous...less of a risk taker, more of a risk taker....the list goes on. What have you told yourself that is not an absolute that you can change?

"If you can find a path with no obstacles it probably doesn't lead anywhere"

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