Monday, June 15, 2015

Sometimes you have it. And sometimes you don't.

Sometimes you go through phases where you are on. You are highly motivated, you don't waiver in your convictions and you are just crushing everything in your path. It's days like these where I feel super productive from the moment I open my eyes and feel ready for the day. Get everyone fed, lunches packed, dishes put away and leave the kitchen clean and on time -  efficient enough to even have my own lunch packed.

After dropping the kids off, at the front of carline of course, I head to a workout and don't even think twice about not wanting to do it. There is no option, I just go. Then typically it's followed by a day of work and getting shit done. The rest of the day ends in bliss with kid pick up, quality time, a home-cooked dinner and bedtimes.

There is a hum in life on those days.

And then there are the other days. Where things couldn't go worse. Nothing feels right, I am scrapping the bottom of the barrel for motivation and coming up with every reason to not do a workout or to procrastinate on my to-do list. I'm usually easily annoyed on these days and definitely not on time.

The reality is that this is life. There are the days you have 'it' and those that you just don't. The key is that you can't bring your life to a stand still on the days that you 'don't'. You have to keep putting one foot in front of the other and going through the motions. You have to continue to move forward. Maybe you sit down a few more times than on those 'humming' days. But you certainly aren't going to turn around and go back from where you came from.

The real thing to consider is what if you could take that pause, and see how you can make the rut days into the great days. Could you do it...if you had to? I think so. I know so. Try it.

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