Monday, June 1, 2015

Real food...

Ina Garten's Sweet Potato "Fries" recipe - its so easy and they are a staple in our home! 

Saw this at Starbucks today. I'm going to look into it! I would love the gym to get together to get back to subscribing to a coop - Mini Mac Farms has great meat and veggies too. Going to look into this one!

Tonight I'm sitting here writing this really wanting a treat. So...the question is, do I have something that could be somewhat problematic in triggering some bad food choices? OR do I fulfill the craving by eating a Quest bar.

My issue with this is that it's not REAL food. I am well aware the fake-ness of the Quest bar, Progenex, even a perfect food bar. It comes in a wrapper. Enough said. I wish that an apple with some peanut butter or a few nuts or an egg did it for doesn't. 

At this point in my deliberation I will say that I am very happy and pleased that I don't have anything in the house that I'm desperately trying to resist. I know there are Double stuffed Oreos in the closet, chocolate covered cookie dough bites (yes...Sharon's gift to Olivia from her recent trip to GA!) and even some Norwegian chocolate hiding in the fridge (kind of wishing Bill ate it all while he was home!). But I don't have a huge craving for any of it.

Writing this blog is tremendously helpful in the process of determining what and why I am wanting something. I would LOVE for any of you reading this or participating to try journaling on your own to see what comes up for you too.

So now that I've spent a few minutes doing some digging and thinking, I am going to go get my chocolate chip cookie dough Quest bar, yup, second one of the day....and enjoy every bite! 

Sometimes you just have to find a middle ground...

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