Thursday, June 25, 2015

Quality and IIFYM

This is stenciled on the wall at CrossFit Clarksville in TN...what a great reminder. I read it right before doing Nasty Girls there today. Had some anxiety about doing that workout since I would be comparing it to last year's score when I was in full training mode. This was the perfect reminder that to stop listening to "that" voice.

Dinner tonight. Reagan, owner of CF Clarksville was nice enough to let me use her kitchen today to cook up some Trader Joe's chicken we had bought and some veggies. 4 oz chicken, 1 cup broccoli, fennel and asparagus I roasted with a sprinkle of olive oil and 1 piece cinnamon raisin ezekial bread topped with 1/2 TB Kerrigold butter. Somewhat of a strange combo, but as we close in on our trip here in Nashville, we are using up our groceries!

Months ago, before delving deeper into the world of IIFYM (If it fits your macros), I only knew this nutritional approach as the excuse people used to eat crap. Facebook posts of boxes of donuts, fast food chains etc with the 'hashtag' IIFYM would frustrate me. It turned me off from even considering digging deeper. Had it not been for someone I know, like and trust having success with the Macros, I likely wouldn't have given it any more attention. Fortunately, I did. 

However, the question often comes up about the association between the Macros and eating poorly. Here's the can essentially do any 'diet' with quality foods or not:
  • Zone: You can zone oreo cookies and ding dongs. Poor quality proteins and fats can be blocked out and blugged in as well
  • Paleo: "Paleo" brownies, cookies...massive amounts of nut butters and nut flours (while 'healthy' in reasonable quantities, NOT great in that they have a high Omega 6 count). Additionally, Paleo dieters can rationalize grassfed butters and the likes
  • Undereating: Even folks cutting back and truly 'dieting'/ following a low-cal plan can choose poor quality foods like pre-packaged 'weigh watchers' etc. over real foods to comprise their limited calories allotted
  • Vegetarians: Boxed and fake meats, processed tofus, highly processed noodles etc. are a poor quality version of the avoidance of eating meat products.
So...the same can be said for Macros. Every person has the ability to skew each of these approaches to food in a way that is quality based on not. Aesthetically, poor quality can still produce results. Doing the Macro diet around pizza, processed food and sweets can work and you can achieve weight loss and leaning out.

However, we all know that there are 3 pillars on which we base the food/ nutrition pyramid on: 
  1. Looking good naked. 
  2. Performance and feeling great/ making progress in athletic endeavors
  3. Health markers
Our goal is always to encourage your nutrition plan to check all of the boxes above. As per the post yesterday with the bloodwork BFA mention, we will be offering that (thanks to our friends at Quest that Bill and I have been working with) to ALL members to track that their food choices are achieving progress relative to health. 

Eating quality foods also means getting micro nutrients (vitamins and minerals) not just macro nutrients. All of which are crucial.

So....what about donuts, ice cream and the occasional pizza. YES, that is why we love the 'flexibility' part of this plan. We all enjoy these indulgences and they are part of life. The key is that they are only part of your daily/ weekly account, not the large majority.

Understood that for those of us who have deprived ourselves of 'off limit' foods for years and decades, there may be an uptick in eating them at first because we have been restricted for so long...but ultimately finding a balance is key. 

The other piece that is critical here is that straying from quality or 'perfect' choices at a given point in a day doesn't mean you throw in the towel and the day is ruined. Instead, you can make an adjustment and still come out at the desired end state and "hit your numbers".

For me I am still battling with building in the less quality food...Tonight I blocked out this cookie that I keep saying I will eat, however, I'm not sure I'll actually pull the trigger on it...To be determined. But, somehow knowing I can if I chose to and not be derailed, that's reassuring.

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