Wednesday, June 3, 2015


No photos tonight.

I have been very grateful for every text and email I've gotten over the past few days. Members and friends replying with updates on how this challenge has been for them. It's this reason that finding CF and the outlet to change lives was it for me.

I truly hope each of you know how passionate I am about you. That I wish I could be there for every workout you do and coach you through every moment of doubt. That I could cook your meals and clean out your pantry and make sure you succeed at your goals.

I am grateful for this challenge and for getting to share that passion with each of you.



  1. K, thanks for this. I've been all over the place with volleyball coming to an end and then getting sick. I was happy with my eating during my tournament. Detroit was not the friendliest place for good food and everything was shut down during memorial day weekend... literally I was pealing apart Starbucks egg wraps for breakfast and eating the middle of a Jimmy Johns sandwich for lunch, then off to BWW for dinner. Coming back home was hard, I think because I took a week off from working out. I had probably 2-3 days of not eating what I should and it's been harder to get back on track this week.

    1. was glad to have you back in action today. Great job on still making an effort and not just saying F it when you were in Detroit. Back on track and keep moving forward!