Thursday, June 11, 2015


Photo and this from Jeremy Nazario: "Food prep: been doing zone for a year now. Sometimes I fall off but it's def an easy enough map for me to get on track. I remember first time cooking for the week took me 6 hours now it takes about two. My recipes weren't always edible but my skill has deff improved. using the g60 to get back on track I'm at and 85% - 95% zone most of the time. Some tips extra measuring cups and spoons so u always have a clean measurement. I recommend a lunch box to bring foods for the day as well as a pocket scale I recommend the American Weight Scales.  Def looking to check out flexible dieting but for now really love zone."

My friend Bob has been on a Paleo kick now since last winter when he did a Whole30 challenge

Tonight I have been sitting and staring at the blank blog page, opening and closing it, typing and erasing. I have nothing. In an effort to be 100% honest and open, I am sharing this here. 

It's interesting that over the course of a day one can experience an array of emotions - today I had moments of feeling super productive, inspired, inspiring, happy and motivated. Yet I also felt sad, alone, anxious and hopeless. How does that happen in 12 hours?

Tonight I am searching for that something. There's nothing terribly wrong or right, just a general blah. Had I not been on this challenge, would I have attempted to self-correct this with a glass of wine? Or a dinner out with comfort foods? Probably. But, without those I am forced to be aware of this space I'm in. Kind of an interesting notion...

That begs the question, "how often do I fill the nothing with 'anything'?" It's a thought to consider...As I'm writing this I'm realizing that this isn't such a bad place to be. Sometimes the nothing is all that we have. And it could be worse.

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