Tuesday, June 2, 2015


This is what happens when you are short on fat at the end of the night...Avocado with nuts, olive oil and squeeze of lime. Was tasty. Last night I finished the day with this to complete my Macros after a call with Jason Ackerman

Today's lunch. Was starving and ended up with Ezekial bread, cinnamon raisin of course, turkey breast, lite brie from Trader Joe's all in the grilled cheese fashion!

Want to make this recipe! Cauliflower risotto with asparagus and mushrooms..yum. I've started screen shot'ing stuff I come across that looks good to use as resource when I'm out of ideas

Got a lot of responses today when I sent that email, thank you! Was good to hear some feedback and know you were still hanging in there. I'm excited for Saturday because for many of you who are interested and willing, we will be experimenting with the Macros together. 

I had a great conversation with Jason last night and today I had a fantastic official day 1 of macro recording. For me there were two things that I realized immediately - I too need someone to be held accountable too. I love to hold others accountable and be their support, but often I don't acknowledge that I need the same for myself. 

The second thing was that I could eat a lot of food, and still fit it in the goal for the day. I was less panicked about if I ate bread or sweet potatoes (good quality bread of course) and I was focused on a goal of eating instead of not eating. The theory of Macros is to actually hit those numbers for Protein, Carbs and Fats every day. For me, it is a good thing to have the success be in hitting them vs. depriving myself of food and coming in 'under'. 

I'm finding that even in the past two days I have less of the sweets cravings. Perhaps it's because they aren't completely banned  and if I were to choose to use my remaining needs for the day to be fulfilled by a few pieces of chocolate, it's ok. But I think it's more so the knowledge of fueling myself well and shifting the physiological needs of my body. Tonight instead of a Quest bar or Progenex, I had an egg white omelette with bacon. Totally satisfied.

There is no magic diet or magical way to lean out/ lose weight/ perform better. Any way you cut it you will have to work. But choosing which work is rewarding to you and worth doing, that's something you have to personally figure out.

And yes, I know how to account for the alcohol in the Macros...

See you Saturday!

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