Saturday, June 27, 2015

Left and Right limits

Ate at Adele's in Nashville for our last night together - very cool place with great home cooked awesome quality food. This was a shaved asparagus salad with some radishes and a light vinaigrette. Dinner was roasted chicken and amazing potatoes/ broccoli

Bill and I are reading this book after hearing about it from a friend...very interesting and eye opening...going on the reading list for the next G60 challenge!!

Had a delicious glass of wine with dinner. Very enjoyable and didn't really have a need for more than one!

This is from an autobiography about a coach, Pat Summitt, that Sharon often references when we discuss coaching, being an athlete, etc.  This resonates with me because the notion of high expectations and the idea of 'never being satisfied'. It's something that I am working on in terms of the "left and right limits"...not just for others, but for myself even more.

And the Macro journey of the areas I have shared I struggle with is the ability to not be 'all or nothing'. I am working on setting what Bill refers to as "left and right limits' to help guide me along in all things that I have the tendency to take severely sharp turns with.

The Macros is no different and is proving I still need work. 

Currently I have two roles in this journey - as a student and as a coach. For me, being the student and allowing myself the middle of the road approach is proving to be the biggest challenge. Bill and I had a long and grueling day yesterday with work that ended much later than anticipated. As a result our food for the day had been 2 quest bars each and we headed back to Nashville feeling pretty beat up.

Heading to try a new spot for dinner on a Friday night, the question was whether we just saw 'whatever' about the food we were going to consume or if we made the effort to look it up. Now, in our defense, had we been home all week and had been in 'control' of what we were making and consuming, one night of guestimating wouldn't seem problematic to me. However, it's been a week of living away from home and eating every dinner out.

So, the notion of how dinner would go was somewhat unnerving to me.

During dinner and pulling out our phones multiple times to look up food items etc., I knew we were in trouble. Finally, the discussion arose - we need left and right limits. While Bill has been enjoying and aware of the journey to ensuring he is eating enough using the app and making a solid effort to hit his numbers, he has not been consumed. I can't always say the same for me. 

For me, the best way to explain the trap I enter into is that my ceiling quickly becomes my floor. That way of describing it that Bill said so matter of fact, was spot on. Looking at my 'before' and 'after' pics from the last few weeks of doing macros, I realize that the 'after' which was my ceiling at one point before beginning this, has now become my 'floor'. It's a "never enough" notion.

Arguable, this is a good quality to have in life relative to many things - always looking to self improve and reach new heights - to have high expectations. However, it can also become very frustrating in that there is never peace and there is never satisfaction. 

As a coach I tell athletes and clients that it's the big picture. It's the string of weeks and months of heading in the right direction or an improved direction...not a singular snapshot of a day or two. The ultimate goal is happiness and peace in life. And yes, working hard for things that are worth it. But, knowing the left and right limits to keep this in check...that's my goal.

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