Friday, June 5, 2015

"I eat pretty well..."

This was Bill's breakfast this am: 2 pieces Ezekial cinnamon raisin toast + 8 oz Trader Joe's OJ + 4 Organic eggs + 3 pieces Trader Joe's bacon + 1 TB butter (1/2 to cook eggs and 1/2 to spread on toast) + black americano (that's not cream - it's the foam!)

Whether it's in a challenge or just casually at the gym, people often ask for advice on their food and why they are not making progress. Typically the conversation is that they want help or have reached a plateau and are wondering what to do next. My question to them is 'How are you eating now?" More times than not, their answer: "I eat pretty well" (or something to that affect). 

Hmmm...that tells me absolutely NOTHING! Ha. Perception is not reality. Someone thinking they eat well could be so far from the 'well' they need to make progress, be healthier, get fitter, lean out. The real details are crucial: what exactly and how much are you eating.

I posted this photo of Bill's breakfast because as we scanned in barcodes and calculated all of the food in My Fitness Pal we came up with 780 calories. Yes, that meal above is 780 calories. For him, that's great because he needs to eat more! So making sure he is getting enough food is his goal.

However, what we were discussing was how easily someone could eat a breakfast like this and have no idea how much they are actually consuming. "Guestimating" is not reality.

Tomorrow at the Nutrition chat we will be walking through this app for those of you who are interested in taking a look at what 'eating pretty well' truly means. It's a fantastic experiment whether you are looking to gain/ lose or simply maintain and be healthy.

See you manana!

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