Monday, June 29, 2015

Field trip for the brain

Strawberry fields post workout. I've been craving frozen yogurt for weeks...I hadn't 'allowed' myself to eat it as part of my Macros. I went with a little bit of cake batter, coffee ice cream and hazelnut. It was just the right amount - conservative but satisfying. And it fit my macros!

Dinner tonight: Stretched the lentils that were left over from last night - roasted fennel, asparagus and some tomatoes all mixed in with a little basil. Protein tonight was Pesto Chicken from Trader Joe's.

My work, my attention and emphasis on healthy living, all of it...has spurred on some good conversations with them about 'health'. The focus is always on quality food - not weight. Markus is watching Food Inc tonight and fascinated...I'm very proud that they eat fish, veggies, real foods.

Tonight I am shifting the focus tonight - personal responsibility and education.

If I haven't lost you yet based on that riveting intro...Any time you start to raise the awareness of what and how much you are putting in your body, it should spawn a series of bigger questions and thought. For me the past few weeks were a reminder about the quality of food and the responsibility we have regarding the system.

It is so easy to slip into the state of convenience and denial. If you were forced to look at the process the food went through and where it came from before you ate it, you would likely make very different choices. However, it is all to easy to be ignorant and simply enjoy what you want when you want it. The disconnect can escalate rather quickly. 

One of the things that I truly value about CrossFit and it's culture is the constant invitation for people to not simply take our word for things, but instead to go find out for themselves. We encourage people to read, educate themselves, experiment...prove us wrong! But find out for yourself.

Keeping that in mind, I would encourage you to take your desire to make some changes that affect your waistline and push beyond that into an education and true lifestyle change. Here is a short list of recommendations should be interested in taking this step...
  • Omnivore's Dilemma (Michael Pollen)
  • Food Ince (movie)
  • Salt Sugar Fat (Michael Moss)
That is a very short list - but concise and eye opening. 

Olivia had an expression today that was perfect...we were discussing taking the initiative to educate yourself and do your own research vs. simply asking someone else...she said, these people should "take their brain on a field trip".

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