Wednesday, June 10, 2015


I'm obsessed with seltzer, tonight I made a separate stop JUST for 3 of these...They are a great sub when you are a little tired of just water
Tonight I couldn't wait and ate all of my protein before I served this was what I was left with. A lot of sweet potatoes and some asparagus. Markus asked what the heck I was doing and why I was crazy. Good question....

Markus makes everything a sandwich if possible.

A little humor to lighten the mood...

Today I went to my weekly Wednesday yoga class. Every week there is always some message I walk away with about my approach to life. It's usually very subtle, but effective. The reality is that it could be CrossFit, running, Soulcycle...the list goes on. The real impact is in taking the time to have some clarity and absorb what you are doing versus just going through the motions.

Unfortunately many times at CrossFit we all finish the workout, do a stretch or two and then either race off to our busy lives or immediately start chatting about them with a friend. None of this is a 'bad thing', however, it short changes the impact of what you just did on your 'being'. Your body and physical state got the workout and definitely feel the impact...but what about the ethereal side of you?

The real benefit and purpose of yoga, we were reminded today, comes when you have completed the practice. It is after chavasana when all the sweating and hard breathing is over and you are just sitting and absorbing. It is in that state that you can have some clarity.

What's very interesting is that I am finding that I am experiencing this with food as well in this challenge. The fact is that I am now doing a lot more cooking and preparing of my food. There is a process. It is a very different feeling than when I would go out to eat and mindlessly putting food in my mouth or throw something together quickly not considering how much of it I really 'need''. There is a clarity and a calm that is coming as a result of going through the 'work' and the effort of being involved in what I am planning/ preparing/ eating

When you stop and think about it...we can make that argument for everything in our lives - that mindlessly moving through things without stopping to have an experience results in a very cloudy state. The clarity comes from participating and being present in the effort AND THEN taking the time to absorb it and to simply "notice".

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