Monday, June 22, 2015

Changing Lives

Ralph's in Cookeville - everytime we visit Mayhem/ Froning it's a must stop. Classic Glazed is the way to go but here's a peak at some of the options. Logged it of course and it's in the books with carbs, fat and all.

Edley's BBQ on the way home, long day and made this meal work for my remaining macros (maybe should have only had half the cornbread, but...)

Last night we linked up with some of the L1 seminar staff in Nashville after they had worked a seminar at CF Mayhem. We of course got chatting about the Macros and shared some thoughts. This is a group of people who love to explore fitness, nutrition and most importantly, change lives.

Mr. Chuck Carswell, long time flow master and OG of CF, chimed in and we discussed why and why not this approach works. The biggest take away to share is that when you commit to any program - be it zone, macros, intermittent fasting etc., and you are all in, you will get results. It's about the consistency and the commitment. Very simple. And so true. And honestly, when you 'retire' from one approach or you've been at it a long time, maybe switch to something else and get committed that that. The falling off the wagon and lack of adherence is what's the enemy.

Today I chatted with Jason Ackerman, the man behind this movement...and challenged him with a few of my questions regarding the Macros. He had a very similar answer - consistency. Tracking and logging food and the balance of macro nutrients (not just calories!) is the resource to maintain this consistency. Whether you have set your numbers to 40% carbs or 35% carbs is not as important as the notion that you meet that goal every day. 

He has lost a tremendous amount of weight and mostly body fat. However, he also feels great metabolically AND after a history of struggling with food, he feels like he is free from the "that food is bad" mentality.

For me, I am trusting in this process and really making an effort to stick it out because that is ultimately what I would like. To not feel like I'm not "allowed" to eat a donut or that on a Monday I "can't" have a meal I didn't cook at home. To free myself from the rules a little. So today I did it. I had the donut. We shall see.... (I did however, come in 6grams of carbs over due to a little too much cornbread at dinner but...)

Jason said something today that was so on point. Bill and I had just been discussing how amazing it is to work in a setting where our daily goal is to help improve lives. To literally change lives for the better. Fitness is certainly a massive part of that, but nutrition is the foundation. Weight and food is something that can cripple people and dictate how they feel about themselves, what they are able to experience in life and what decisions they make.

Ironically, Jason said something similar when I spoke with him a few minutes later. He was reminiscing about when Coach Glassman made a statement years ago that he "wouldn't cross the street to watch a 2 minute Fran, but (he) would cross the street to help someone squat better". Jason said at the time he first heard this he didn't fully get it. But now, years later, being part of transformations and truly changing the course of lives, it makes sense.

The business of changing lives. For those of you who are reading and on the fence or wondering if tomorrow you should give something a try to start this journey, or to continue it, why not. It's my job. Email, text me, reach out. Would love to help you.

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