Sunday, June 21, 2015


Barista Parlor in Nashville post early dinner...lots of chocolate to choose from

Our choice to split. Smaller than my phone...$6

A perfect cappacino - asked the Barista about how many oz milk and he laughed and said he and his wife record food on My Fitness Pal too...we felt like total losers!

Last night's cocktails at Holland House. No messing around at this place. These were amazing.

I'm down in Nashville for the week since the kids are away and I can keep Bill company near his work. For those of you who don't know me...I don't do well with change and I rely on routine and don't adapt well. Essentially I don't do a great job of accepting anything I'm not 100% comfortable. Something I'm certainly working on...

However, this Macro business is challenging me on this exact personality trait. The notion of being flexible but also not really a plan that supports alcohol...couple that with the fact that I'm not entirely sure at restaurants the exact numbers on everything I'm sent me into a tail spin. So, my goal for this week is to accept experimentation. This week I will share with all of you my successes and failures with the flexible dieting plan. Adaptation is going to be step one.

On a separate note, while I am spending all of this time laboring over how much protein was in the meal I ate and if my calculations were accurate, what seems to be 90% of the world around us could care less about their health and what goes into their mouths.

We were on a strip in Nashville this morning with a multitude of restaurants on it - more along the lines of chain restaurants, but a pretty big variety. We could not find anything that was truly healthy and that would fuel us appropriately for the workout we were heading to do. It made us realize how many people just see food as an immediate satisfaction when they taste it and have no standard for themselves. Ironically, we happened to be in this area because we were buying a book "Salt, Sugar, Fat" which is about the 'food giants' and the measures they go to in an effort to create addictive ingredients in their products. (Synopsis and take aways from this will surely be coming soon on this blog!)

We finished the afternoon at our favorite spot, Burger Up. We were sat next to a table with a couple. They were morbidly obese. They ordered a pimento cheese spread, each ordered massive burgers complete with fries and then to top it off had the Krispy creme bread pudding for dessert. The woman had 2 margaritas and the gentleman appeared to be drinking Coke - likely diet.

As we sat there plugging in our macros and laughing about what we had remaining and what choices we could make, we were in awe of the contrast. We ordered salads with chicken to be responsible. Would we have like to have tasted the burgers, fries, sweets as well? Of course, but everything in life isn't an endless opportunity to indulge. We left perfectly happy - enjoyed our conversation and time together - irrelevant of having a burger or not.

For this last week, experiment a little. Appreciate your commitment to your health. Give yourself a pat on the back for finding a balance between enjoying life and also taking care of yourself. I'll be trying to do the same. I will leave you with this...

"Happiness is.....when the last thing you worry about is your abs."


  1. I'm actually heading on vacation next week with my mom, two aunts and cousin and it will be a whirlwind and I've been concerned about being prepared and making wise choices. Your experimentation this week couldn't have come at a better time. Now that the first G60 is coming to an end, I wanted to turn my focus to macros and wanted to use it to help me next week even though I will be out of the country and not able to be precise. Do you think that is a good idea? I figure I won't be able to measure and weigh but I could estimate what the meals are and make it a point to stay within my allotted macros for the day. Thoughts? When I return I will start trialing it seriously with measurements etc. so I am ready to do it properly for the next G60.

  2. Hey Karen, yes, absolutely! Let's email and get you set up to have a starting point!