Saturday, May 30, 2015

What's good for us.

Huntley Tavern dinner last night was the "Spring Garden Salad" with their amazing Grilled Chicken on top

Also shared the asparagus, carrots and zucchini for the table of 4. Turned away the bread when the server attempted to put it down :-) Had one of their bourbon drinks + one glass of wine. For dessert it was coffee with cream and we shared a little blue cheese for 3 people. Felt very satisfied leaving but not over indulgent and not deprived.

Been trying to get down one of these bad boys everyday - it's the enormous one. Helps with staying adequately hydrated and avoiding the confusion of thirst for hunger.

Today felt good to wake up and not feel terrible after a Friday night when I headed to the gym. Felt ready to train and not held back by poor eating, sugar highs or hangovers. I had a nice night and felt very satisfied but without going overboard.

As I was standing at the gym today thinking just that, it made me wonder why it's sometimes so hard for us to take care of ourselves. Sometimes we just don't do what we KNOW is best for us. Now...this extends far beyond the reaches of just food...not to get too deep on a Nutrition blog,'s all connected. It's interesting that at times the resistance and excuses we go through to avoid things end up being more work and end up being more problematic that if we just did the right thing.

Eating right and making a stand to not drink as much or eat as much crap is a big culprit for this. We hate waking up feeling awful, we feel guilty after making poor choices, we pine over how our clothes used to fit...but we continue to lie about the decisions we make that perpetuate this.

As I said, this can apply to many many things in our lives - workouts, relationships, arguments...the list goes on. In any given day I may falter in some of these areas with regard to doing what is best and 'healthiest' for me. It's important to acknowledge and learn from those 'misses' but equally important to recognize when you make a choice that IS good for you and overcome the temptation to make a destructive one.

Today my win is choosing to play tennis over going to a late lunch and having drinks. Both are with friends, both are fun. However, one is not good for me right now and the other has nothing to lose. 

I challenge you all to pose that question to yourselves for the remainder of the weekend - to dig a little and encourage a pause before choosing things you have a nagging feeling are not right or what you truly want for yourself and ultimately, for how you want to feel.

Enjoy the weekend!!!! 

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