Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Things are not always what they seem...

Dark chocolate pieces and almonds... from last night (well, Round 1 of them.)

This stuff is great to have on hand, no chemicals and makes a mean protein pancake...
Didn't have blueberries or almond butter which are my favorite addition to this protein pancake, but still yummy (1 scoop mix plus 1 egg plus 1/8 cup unsweetened almond milk plus 2 TB oats)
MyFitnessPal app...slightly addictive

Facebook, blogs, Instagram are all funny places...we all log on and look at others' lives through a microscope and a very small lens. When it comes to our food and how we eat, it is easy to only make assessments on what you are seeing. You might see others crushing healthy food, cooking etc. and think how 'perfect' their food is. I know I've thought to myself (as I'm eating my dark chocolate and almonds...) "they probably don't eat chocolate EVER!"

The reminder is that things are not always what they seem. My photo of that tiny little grouping of dark chocolate and almonds....yeah....I think that was the FIRST serving! I am sure I had 3x that amount. The notion of taking a picture was a good one to hold myself accountable. I thought about taking another shot with the total amount but realized in that process how what is posted might mislead people and thought I would point that out as an example. Food is tough and as per my post yesterday, the notion isn't to feel like you are 'winning' or 'losing' some battle. For me, that needs to be a constant reminder.  My goal here is to be honest and open - not to mislead or make it look like it's so easy to flip a switch and eat 'perfectly'.

On a more resourceful note, I do love using My Fitness Pal to track food. It doesn't have to be exact, but it's a great 80% solution to seeing how you are doing hitting your macros and total fuel intake. We aren't suggesting calorie counting necessarily, but as per our kick-off...QUANTITY MATTERS!

I like that the app tracks your macros (as per pic above) but also breaks down all of the nutrition content as you go through the day. For those of you struggling to adhere to a plan, I would suggest planning out the day in advance and putting it all in prior to starting the day.


  1. K, please keep posting!! I just got home. It's 8:40 pm. And I stopped to get a chicken and made a salad. I was SO close to making a bad decision, maybe pizza bad, and stopped to think of your blog today. I'm munching on a healthier meal AND feeling better for having done it. Maybe I'll even eat breakfast tomorrow. Haha.

  2. K, I am also obsessed with the app... probably too obsessed but it so much fun to use!!

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  4. Not sure what happened to my comment sigh. Anyway to sum up what I wrote in the event it reappears, I'm glad I know about this blog now. Thank you for sharing. This information is helpful!