Thursday, May 28, 2015

The morning after

Got back to some balanced training. Did this one today as part of the endurance portion of 'training' that is 2x a week - Aerobic Capacity training is what we are following for Endurance classes too. It's always a challenge but very purposeful. Today was 3x600m/ 3x200m/ 3x500m/ 3x200m. 
This is my good friend and colleague Jason Ackerman. Jay (or Baby Jesus as we call him) and I go way back to the early years of working seminars together, and Regionals being held in the parking lot of his old gym in Albany. He has recently been helping people with the Flexible Dieting concept or "Macros" and having tremendous success after years of struggling with the traditional way of eating. There's more than one way to skin a cat. You all received the packet on this in the initial email - maybe worth taking a second look!

This week has been challenging to say the least. On Tuesday Bill left to go back south to TN where he is stationed. It's always hard to see him go, but especially after spending the best month of our lives together and getting to have a partner in life every day. It was also a very 'fun' month and very relaxed with training/ nutrition/ drinking etc. Like an extended vacation. 

Getting smacked in the face with reality has been hard. 

Last night the temptation to have some wine was very present...fortunately, my best friend and supporter reminded me that I would feel bad about that the next morning. That it wasn't the right time for it or a 'fix'. Although this am was still a tough one, having had wine last night would have made it FAR worse. I ended up putting one foot in front of the other and reverted back to the 'because I said so' mantra and hit the track today. Felt so good and therapeutic after. 

It's a big takeaway to battle the temptations of eating/ drinking food that you will regret by simply considering: "how will I feel the morning after". Waking up with regret or disappointment is not a great way to kick off the day.

Today I feel fueled and able to perform. How do you feel?

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