Monday, May 18, 2015

The Monday kick off...

Breakfast today: 2 egg whites + 1 egg with left over roasted red peppers and fresh basil/ threw in a little mozzerella too!

Well, the "honeymoon is over"...literally! After an amazing wedding and trip to St. Thomas, I am kicking off this challenge a couple of weeks in and joining you all on the path to discovery - ha! For me, this challenge is about eating good fresh food, taking the time to cook for my family and focusing on health/ feeling good. We all know that ideal body compositions come as a result of workouts and balanced quantity/ quality fueling, but for me, allowing that to be the focus can be a very slippery slope.

One of the reasons we did not simply lay out the Whole30 challenge and make the strict rules for 'no cheating' is that it's unrealistic and sets people up to feel like a light switch - 'on/off'. At some point if you flip it enough it will break. I fully support those of you who truly felt like you needed a 'cleanse' from anything processed and eliminate food that you may have sensitivity toward. I applaud you and am behind you!

Having balance or allowing yourself bread, a piece of chocolate, dairy, or even a glass of wine is not equating to failure. However, having the awareness of when you eat this and why is the more crucial piece. We are not suggesting you have a 'back door' that you can use as an excuse for not taking the challenge serious, but rather a buffer to keep you from this being a non sustainable diet.

I have focused on what I put in my mouth for over 15 years - journals of every piece of food I ingested, spreadsheets of the times and quantities of meals...I have A LOT of experience with the elusive notion of balance. What is amazing is that we are all different - how we operate with a 'challenge' or change of habit, as well as how our bodies process fuel. So...on that note, I invite you to kick this Monday off, regardless of where you are to date in the challenge, and truly 'know thyself'.


  1. Thanks for this, K. I'm glad you resurrected the blog. I've been...less that focused??? on this since starting and it's about time I stopped half assing it. Time to find a better balance. Thanks for the kick in the butt. And your breakfast looks awesome!!!

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  2. Thanks K, I like your breakfast. And i like the blog! Last week was a little shaky, still hit my numbers but the quality was lacking. This weekend I'm going to have to make adjustments for competition and I want to make sure I stick to quality of food while I'm traveling and competing.

  3. Hi Ladies - Glad you are committed (or recommitted)!! Rita - really critical to get the quality and quantity in prep for this weekend. You need to be diligent about refueling or it will catch up to you on the last day! Have a plan, have a schedule, follow it based on the clock - not how you feel.