Saturday, May 23, 2015

Slow and steady wins the race

Dinner last night was a success! Made this and it was awesome. Plenty of leftover farro / veg for the next few days!

Markus has been pleading to go to the Committed Pig and order the Burgernut...yes, it's a burger sandwiched between a after he did 100cals on the Assault bike he won the battle.

Yesterday I pondered the notion of being "off track" and how I was struggling with my infractions. I realized that it's truly a slow and steady race to finding balance in the diet. There is never a time I plan to go crazy and "off the rails" or that I would think to eat truly horrible food and a lot of it. Instead, it's a glass of wine, a few pieces of chocolate, a pump of sweetener in my americano. 

There was a time when a operated with huge pendulum swings. Not even a sip of alcohol for weeks and nothing that veered from the perfect meal plan. But, then the "cheat time" would come...and it was ugly.

There were definitely a few instances where I act made myself sick, but worse than that was the constant effort to reset my food and relationship to it after one of these episodes.

It was like speeding up to 100mph only to slam on the brakes at a red light, then continue to repeat that. 

In terms of health, it may all come out in the wash and be six of one half a dozen of the other. But for my relationship with food and how I perceive it to be "good or bad" etx, it was not a healthy approach. I much prefer the steady state where I will allow myself relatively innocent imperfections like dark chocolate or wine, and not feel like I am binging. 

To each their own and I always encourage folks to do their OWN experimenting with what works for them. But slow and steady is not to be underestimated...

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