Friday, May 22, 2015


A Quad grande Americano with half and half was just what I needed today.

Well...3 solid days and then the slip factor hit. Wednesday night started slight digression from the "because I said so" plan with a cocktail...then last night there was a chocolate infraction. Although it wasn't indecent and obnoxious, it wasn't part of the plan. And that is frustrating.

Part of this challenge is learning and facing acceptance. It is so easy to accept myself when things are going "perfectly". Similarly, in life, it is easy to be happy when things are clicking and going my way and according to plan. 

It's when the wheels start to come off that it is tough. Still remaining accepting, still keeping a smile on your face, still being a source of positivity for yourself and others...not so simple.

Today I am reminding myself that imperfect is ok. That perfection is an illusion. we kick off a weekend where we remember those who fought and died, I will not disrespect them by obsessing over my silly imperfections.

I can be certain that the families of those men and women are reminiscing about their loved ones quirks and imperfections as they remember them...not about how perfect they were.

See you all Monday.

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  1. Thanks for this Karianne. I look forward to reading this every day.

    Acceptance and perfection. Not easy to manage either. But for me, it starts with the realization that accepting and giving up are not the same thing. It is absolutely possible to accept myself as I am and still work on my imperfections. But that's only possible if I begin from the fundamental truth that perfection is an illusion. It doesn't exist.

    So for me, it's ok to accept being imperfect because that's all there is really. Just different degrees.

    I also love the Memorial Day perspective check. The things we think matter...they do. But do they matter as much as we think they do??

    Please keep posting.