Friday, May 29, 2015

Here comes the weekend...

This protein pack is a saving grace...the hardboiled egg plus a small pb and some fruit. Skip the bread and cheese! Works great in a pinch.
Going out to dinner tonight and won't likely eat until after 7. Had a snack at 345pm to make sure I wasn't starving later - 3 egg whites with 1 oz goat cheese. 

Been a great few days that have been on track with food and training. Part of me is looking forward to relaxing and having a few drinks while part of me has some anxiety about regressing and having to start from zero on Monday. 

I'm caught between overthinking it and being aware so I don't go into a state of denial. One of the most important things to realize and carry into the weekend is that I didn't "need" wine or chocolate etc during the week - I did fine without. I'm not less happy or less content. Those thigs don't "matter".

That's not to say you should only have the neccessary foods and nothing for enjoyment. But knowing that you don't rely on them is helpful in countering over consumption.

So tonight I will document what I choose to enjoy - food and drink alike. Looking forward to a cocktail and a glass of wine with a great salad. Good compromise I think!

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