Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Don't just talk about doing it...DO IT!

Dinner last night was this salad with grilled asparagus, beets, peaches, tomatoes, avocado and then some wild caught trout on the side.
This website is great: the kitchn - a week of recipes plus grocery list. Need some new recipes and this is perfect!

Today I was reminded at yoga that life happens in the actual doing of things. It does not happen in the standing around talking about doing them.

I would rather be battling it out in this challenge but still doing something than standing on the sidelines talking about "after things calm down, THEN I'll try to donsomethin about my eating." Participation is part of life.

Understood that we don't always want to start things until we think it's "the best time" or until things calm down. However, realistically, when is that?!! Don't be afraid to just try.

Similar to CF, showing up and starting is sometimes the hardest part. So today I'm glad I am showing up and im DOINGS the challenge and not watching it pass me by.

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