Thursday, May 21, 2015

"Because I said so"

This was an airport salad in Phoenix...traveling doesn't have to be an obstacle. Check the airport website prior to trip to see what options are there. If it looks dismal, pack some bars, fruit, nuts!

Paleo Chow Mein - This was a delicious substitute! It satisfied the craving for Chinese hands down!!!

Last week a Coach reminded me that if you 'bet on yourself, you'll never lose'. Initially, one might think that seems corny or cliche. However, when you truly think on it, it can be powerful at the least and liberating at best. 

Often during challenges or attempts to make changes in our lives there is outside influence and questioning. The 'peer pressure' of heading to dinner and everyone at the table ordering pasta probing you to have a little cheat and 'enjoy life a little'. However, in those moments, realize that you are betting on yourself and are in full control of winning.

A mantra that has worked for me and helped me stay focused on a goal and seeing it through it "because I said so". The deliberation of whether you feel like doing something or not becomes irrelevant. It's a black and white, simple solution - there is no decision making process. 

I invite you to give this tool a try. Based on your reflection of the challenge to date that I asked of you yesterday, now set forth on a few 'because I said so' bets. Maybe just for today. See what happens. 

In full disclosure, everything has it's saturation point and where it becomes 'too much'. For me, this mantra has served me well, but also been something I need to be aware of in terms of balance. I will continue to remind you to not let the challenge, goals or 'bets' you've made become your enemy. Digressing from what you 'bet on' or 'said so' about does not mean you need to beat yourself up endlessly. Think about the 80% solution. There will be times when things don't go according to plan - it's ok. 

For the 80% solution, focus on what you want, what you say you are going to do, and then bet on yourself. You can win. 

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