Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Back at it

Dinner with some of the best in CF - amazing mentors, coaches and friends. Great food and lots of laughs. 
Behind the scenes before final heat of teams took the floor. What's amazing is seeing these folks and their dedication to not only working out - but to the stuff that is arguably more challenging: staying on point with their diets and supporting each other NO MATTER WHAT as teammates. I have so much respect for that.
In the car leaving Hartford post dinner at 1115pm with a 2.5 hour drive ahead and Murph at 8am the next day. No problem!
Everyone standing around to cheer each person on as they came through the finish yeaterday. 60 people came out for this workout to honor those who have given their lives for each of us. 

This weekend was somewhat of a "come to Jesus" for me in terms of eating habits. We got home Sunday night at 145am and woke up to do Murph at 730am Monday. I realized that morning moving through the workout how crappy I felt physically. A few drinks at dinner, a few bites of sweet potato fries, a few bites of dessert...it adds up.

This challenge is interesting because it is forcing me to continue to work towards a goal and healthier choices - even if it feels like I am getting back on the horse every day and starting over. I wonder how many of you are struggling or if you are smooth sailing and feel on track.

Part of this challenge is the support of each other - be that through ideas for recipes/ advice or simply sharing. To date, everyone seems to be in their own corners and there is little to no communication. I would love to get some conversation going on how folks are doing - and not just those who are doing well - I want to know who is struggling and what we can do to help.

Personally, I want to feel good when I wake up, energized and balanced physically. Today I woke up in a not great place due to a few things going on in my life personally. Feeling less than optimal physically doesn't help my state. My hormones being balanced and my body being fueled properly would have me able to be stronger in overcoming the emotional stuff. So that reminder for me today was a good one.

To take it a step further, food is a drug. So just like coming off of a drug makes you feel down and depressed, the same is true of poor diet/ sugar etc. It may feel like it is helping take the edge off having a few drinks, or eating comfort food, but as soon as that comes to an end, what awaits you is a 'down' feeling.

Today I will make progress to fuel myself, to HELP me feel good and motivated and battling the shit that life throws my way, not let it drown me. 


  1. Another great post K. As the Whole30 comes to a close I am so frightened of reintroducing the little things I have been missing. I am still trying to figure out how to handle cravings and when I binge eat snacks. I realized I replaced the act of eating too much of a bad snack with eating too much of nuts, etc. I know not buying them altogether is unrealistic but I am thinking about what I can do that will help me balance it all especially if I want to reintroduce wine, etc into my life. It truly is a daily struggle. I appreciate your message about not letting it ruin you or your day or take away from the progress you've made but at same time not letting it become the justification and reward for being good and an excuse to go all out.

    1. I think part of the battle is not over anticipating - over thinking about the over eating or 'what ifs' makes it a bigger monster than it is. There's definitely things that are easier to simply not buy - it's not about willpower! It's human nature to have a hard time resisting them if they are there in front of you.

      Tonight as I'm typing this I am thinking about "Hmm, I have Norwegian chocolate in the fridge....". However, I am also reminded that eating a few pieces of that probably won't be satisfying and it certainly isn't the best way to fuel me for tomorrow. Getting a solid day of nutrition under my belt one day at a time is the game. Sure, maybe on Friday night, then it's an appropriate treat.

      The cravings might take some time to go away, be patient with yourself. Recognize your progress with the fact that you replacing poor choices with good quality ones! That is huge! I saw your post on the forum - let me know how much of the lunch and dinner you are eating - if you are not eating enough it could be making the cravings worse.

      Thanks for posting and participating!

  2. Hi Karen :-) We miss you!!

    Agreed these posts are great. I'm way off, more than I've been in a long while. Many reasons why, some personal and some the product of the slippery slope. Not sure what I need to get back on track, but at least this challenge and this blog are causing me to pause and think and at least have the opportunity for a better choice, and the accountability for the bad ones.

    1. Recognizing that you are in a place that you aren't thrilled with is an important part of the process. It might be taking a step forward and back and literally go no where. That's ok too. The fact that you are making that step forward is effort and challenging you to get to the place where you are strong enough to take two steps...